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Participants must read and sign the Release from Liability Agreement prior to rental. The contract is governed by Spanish law. The place of jurisdiction will be Madrid, Spain.

27 Bikes opening hours that rule the pick up and delivery of the material will be the timetable published in the contact page.

A refundable deposit is required at the time you pick up your bike for rent: a credit card and/or national identity cards for members of the European Union or Passport for the rest of countries citizens are required for rental deposit.

Helmets and locks are provided for free with rental. Helmets are not mandatory, but we recommend it for all riders.

Bicycles and equipment rental can only be used by people designated by the customer in the lease.

Participants under the age of 18 must wear a helmet, and a parent or legal guardian must sign the Release from Liability for them.

Baby participants must be at least 1 year old and be able to hold their head and upper body in an upward position and be able to wear a helmet.

Participants must be in good health, and able to operate, control and balance the equipment, at time of rental.

Participants are responsible for the rental equipment, from the time the equipment is rented until the time it is returned, including damage and theft of rental equipment at market prices.

Rental equipment is due back on the date/time printed on the Rental Receipt.

Late returns are subject to overtime charges and late fees (3€ per hour or fraction hour late, and 25€ per day later)

Participants must inform 27bikes staff if the equipment is damaged or not working properly.

Participants must comply with all traffic laws and ride with caution.
27 Bikes is not responsible for claims from accidents, injuries, strokes or damage to themselves and others or their property or loss of objects during the rental period.

27bikes would like to point out that private data that is necessary for business transactions will be processed and saved accordingly. 27bikes will not however pass on this data to others. The customer in accordance with the law can request to access, modify, and cancel this data by communicating it to 27 Bikes (info@27bikes.com, +34 91. 573 06 92).
C/ Alcalde Sainz de Baranda 16 - 28009 - Madrid - Telf.:+34 91.573.06.92 - info@27bikes.com